New product: weber.base levelling plaster

Weber.base levelling plaster is innovated as pre-mixed cementitious mortar for adjusted wall levelling.

Self-levelling plaster
  • Weber.base levelling plaster is easy to apply with sticky and slippery and
  • perfectly cover hairline cracks,bubbles and roughness and also good bonding, dustless.



Suitable for these substrates

  1. Normal plastering or concrete rendering
  2. Precast and cast in-slim concrete
  3. Fiber-cement board or wood-cement board
  4. Bricks or concrete blocks
  5. Texca wall system




  1. Do not apply on movement cracks.
  2. Do not apply on always moisture substrates.
  3. Do not apply on AAC blocks or gypsum plasters.
  4. For exteriors should be cover by other materials.
  5. Do not add other aggregates.