grout applications

Grouting Applications

Weber let you select a bunch different colors and innovative products to fit your job site needs.

Usual tile grout problems

There are many difficulties home owners may encounter once the right products has not being made. It could lead homeowners to troublesome repetitive disappointment unless they make the good choices from the first place. Hereby, we would like to propose our customized products to address every customer needs. 

Some of the normally found tile grout issues are - 

1. fungus & black mold formation

2. grout that unable to penetrate small joint

3. rigid and not flexible grout in vibrate areas

4. efflorescence and white stain accumulation

5. heavy duty & hygienic area grout

6. grout less resistance to chemical agent

Don't hesitate to consult our technical engineer team for a great house to live in. 

Weber Tile Grout Solutions

standard tile grout

Standard Tile Grout

Weber's standard tile grouts, let you choose different variety of colors to match different tile needs in an affordable way.

anti-fungus tile grout

Super powerful tile grout capable of protecting 3 germs in 1product

Weber's unique products keep the homeowner stay away from 3 major disappoint namely bacteria, black mold and fungus accumulating around the houses. 

narrow joint grout

Special grout for narrow joint

Narrow joints are usually hard for grout to penetrate along the gaps. Therefore, Weber comes with innovative solution to address such needs.

Adhesive for efflorescence

High quality tile grout to prevent white stain

Weber's anti-efflorescence tile grout is the best solution for your building decoration such as waterfall, signboard,  external wall tile and facade by preventing the white stain formation.

wide clay brick joint

Tile grout for wide gap joint

Anti-fungus tile grout for wide joints gap between 3 - 5 mm suitable for glass blocks and clay tiles.

high traffic area

Heavy-duty tile grout

Extraordinary tile grout specially designed to withstand the vibration & severe temperature ideal for both internal & external areas with high traffic such as car park, airport etc. 

swimming pool grout

Premium tile grout for swimming pool, spa & sauna

 High performance tile grouts engineered to resist strong chemical-resistance, helping you build a durable, long-lasting swimming pool, spa & sauna. 

Epoxy grout cleaning

Epoxy based tile grout & adhesive

Incredible bonding tile grout specifically designed to be able to apply to almost all substrates such as metal, ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and stone joints where a hygienic and sterile condition is expected.